GV Lee Paints A Picture Of His Life With Video For "1998"

When we talk about Southern hip-hop, Mississippi's influence gets lost in translation. Yes, we know about New Orleans, Louisiana's bounce music, and Atlanta, Georgia's snap and trap music scene. Both of these cities have produced their fare share of superstars. New Orleans brought us labels such as No Limit and Cash Money, and superstars such as Frank Ocean and Lil Wayne while Atlanta has produced some of music's most recent superstars like, Migos, Lil Baby, and many more.

Mississippi has it's own unique way of storytelling. It is nostalgic such as watching your uncles talk about absolutely nothing while sitting in your great aunt's backyard and playing dominoes. That is why GV Lee is so special. In his song, "1998", he thoroughly depicts life growing up in Mississippi and the trials and tribulations he went through in order to get to his current self. Trials and tribulations such as giving up one passion to find love in a stronger one, or stepping up and becoming the man of the house.

Nevertheless, GV Lee puts his heart on his sleeve and in his bars for this song. Watch the video for "1998" below.

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