Grown•ish is For The Youth!

Grown•ish is the show that we all want to be a part of. It is the Freeform spin off of ABC's Black•ish and will be following Dre and Rainbow's oldest daughter Zoey on her journey through her college life. Along with Yara Shahidi reprising her role as Zoey, Trevor Jackson is joining the cast as Aaron after appearing in a Black•ish episode/backdoor pilot for Grown•ish, singing duo Chole and Halle will be joining the show as recurring characters, and model Luka Sabaat will be tagging alone for the fun as well. Let's just say if you are young and making a move in this industry, it seems as though Grown•ish is the show to join. I mean, check out this video from their first week on set.

As a college student, it is going to be fun to see my antics and struggles displayed on television. It is going to premiere on Freeform in early 2018 and I have to say myself, I am super excited. It makes me want to be on the set with them. I am also excited to see Zoey have more of a prominent role and deal with more mature plot lines.


The cast is young, vibrant, and well-known. They are all bringing their individual fan bases to the screen as well as Black•ish's huge following. Talent isn't even an issue. Between the young cast alone, they model, sing, dance, and it doesn't hurt that the male co-stars have abs. 🎤🎼🎸🎭🚶🏾

Trevor | Jordan

With this young cast, we can truly expect our various views and experiences to be showcased. Nonetheless, we are truly excited to watch how well Grown•ish  performs and we are definitely rooting for our girl Yara!


original post - 9.13.17

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