Golf Le Fleur x Lacoste

Tyler, the Creator continues to prove to the world that he is exactly what his moniker represents: a creator. He goes beyond the bounds of music and does not limit himself to the craft that allowed him to become known worldwide. Just a few days after releasing his own flavor of ice cream, and two months after the debut of his sixth studio album, "IGOR", Tyler is taking over the fashion and merchandising industry in a new way.

After previously collaborating his brand, GOLF, with brands such as Vans and Converse, this time around, Tyler has taken his talents to Lacoste. The French tennis company known for it's iconic crocodile logo. From the sneak peek at the collection that Tyler posted, we can expect to see a release of polos, bucket hats, and track suits.

The Golf Le Fleur x Lacoste collection releases on July 17th. Check out the ad for the upcoming items, below.

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