Fresh As Hell: Theo Huxtable - Season 8

Malcolm-Jamal Warner did a fantastic job of playing Cliff and Claire's only son, Theo Huxtable. Throughout The Cosby Show's eight season run, viewers were able to see Theo's style and physique evolve. Theo started the series off as a squeaky clean 14 year old wearing nothing but blue jeans and sweaters. As we got to know Theo more and more, the way he dressed had become inspiration for generation's who study the 90's. You are probably asking, why did we start with Season 8 instead of Season 1? Well, since The Cosby Showended in 1992 and the early 90's were ultimately the best time for fashion, we figure we start where Theo was the freshest. Check out Theo's best fits from the twenty-four episodes from season 8.

Episode 1 - "With This Ring?"

Episode 2 - "There's No Place Like This Home"

Episode 3 - "Particles in Motion"

Episode 7 - "The Iceman Bricketh"

Episode 8 - "Olivia's Field Trip"

Episode 12 - "Clair's Place"

Episode 13 - "Theo's Future"

Episode 18 - "Cliff Gets Jilted"

Episode 19 - "Cliff and Theo Come Clean"

Episode 21 - "Rudy's Retreat"

Episode 22 - "You Can't Stop The Music"

Episode 25 - "And So We Commence"

original post - 7.7.17

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