Fresh As Hell: Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing is Spike Lee's 1989 senior film detailing a day in the life of Mookie and the characters of his block in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Do The Right Thing was able to shed light on how culturally diverse Bed-Stuy was while not shying away from the truth. Do The Right Thing is still culturally relevant 28 years later as we are still discussing over-policing and police violence on Black people in America. Throughout Lee discussing topics such as racism, gentrification, and poverty, he was also able to serve us looks as well as woke-ness. There is no doubt that the late 80's and the entire decade of the ninety's was nothing but a constant fashion statement. Black people as we know it, are the creator's of cool, and if Spike Lee was going to make you think and laugh, he was going to look good while doing it. Take a look at some of the greatest outfits from Do The Right Thing.

Mookie and natural haired Jade.

Vito, unbothered.

Da Mayor and Eddie rocking a 'Da Butt' shirt while paying homage to School Daze.

Da Mayor and Buggin' Out with the fresh cut.

Cee, Punchy, Ella, and Amahd.

PinoSal iced out. 

A floral Mother Sister.

Mookie in 3 moods.

The most iconic shoe in cinema. Buggin' Out in the Air Jordan Cement 4's. 

original post - 7.4.17

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