Filmmaker Profile: Tevin Scott

Tevin Scott is what happens when HBCU talent is perfectly curated. Tevin Scott graduated from Howard University in 2016, but as he was going through his matriculation at the Washington, D.C. based institution, he began creating content that enthusiastically showed the ludicrous and authentic nuisances of life at a historically Black college and more specifically, Howard University.


Through his film company, Raise The Stakes, he released several short films such as Visitation: The Movie, The Friend Zone, HBCU Cheaters, and many more. Two of those films spawned sequels as Scott continued to profile the often most intimate social aspects of HBCU life. At the end of his senior year, Scott released a film titled, #TheRealHU. This was Scott's most dramatic and truth telling narrative as it captures a student who wanders through the many problems of his institution, while he tries to find the answers to his own financial aid problems.

If you were a current or perspective Howard University student from 2010-2015, there were multiple YouTube channels and shows that you were tuned into. Including, Welcome To Howard, Bison Code, Black Girls YouTube Too, and Tevin Scott's channel of course. That period of Howard's visual reign set the precedent for the excitement that future inhabitants of Howard University possessed. Of those shows mentioned, those personalities have gone on to be celebrity DJs, tour the world on high-profile rap tours, become news producers and hosts, and in Tevin Scott's case, have the ability to work on the set of Issa Rae's, Insecure.


More recently, Scott has made his latest HU inspired film.Taste Of The Mecca is the story of an, "awkward black boy [who] begins to find love while struggling to fit in at his HBCU." Since Scott first stepped on the campus of Howard University, he wasted no time jumping into his craft; as his consistency is still showing in his work.

Watch the sizzle trailer for Scott's brand new project, Taste Of The Mecca below.

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