10 Black Movie Deaths We're Still Mourning

One of the worst things about watching our favorite films is knowing how they end. If you have seen any movie on this list, then you know the truth about their unfortunate endings. The deaths of fictional characters have a profound impact on the viewer. For the past hour and fifteen minutes, we have been in the processing of getting to know these characters, their likes and dislikes, and what they want out of life. Below we created a list of fictional Black movie characters we are still mourning.

1. Ricky, Boyz N The Hood

Played By: Morris Chestnut

Boyz N The Hood is a film about the reality of life for South Central residents in the early 90's. As the film follows the stories of lifelong friends, we see how their environment has an effect on their future. This is indeed true for Ricky Baker, a high school football player who was on his way to ball out at the University of Southern California.

2. Caine, Menace II Society

Played By: Tyrin Turner

Much like all of the films on this list, Menace II Society is a cult classic. In this film, it seems as though Caine's life was already mapped out for him. As friends try to pull him in a more positive direction, his actions and attitude ultimately lead to his demise.

3. Cleo, Set It Off

Played By: Queen Latifah

Cleo had one of the most gangsta movie deaths of all time. She was the second friend to die in the film, but went out with an "I can't lose" attitude. After lighting her cigarette and maneuvering her way through hoards of police firing at her whip, Cleo stepped out and let her choppa sing like a choir before her heroic downfall.

4. Carolyn, Crooklyn

Played By: Alfre Woodard

Crooklyn, a story based on life of Spike Lee and his family, followed the life of Troy, the only girl out of all her siblings, and their life in Brooklyn, New York. Troy battles city life, home life, and more, while finding out her place in the world. It all comes crashing down for her when her mother, Carolyn, passes away.

5. Mia, The Best Man Holiday

Lance and Mia began as a college couple with the world ahead of them. After a rough patch at the beginning of their marriage, things seemed to be on the up and up. But once Mia got cancer, their happily ever after ended prematurely.

6. Deja, Higher Learning

Played By: Tyra Banks

Higher Learning served as Tyra Banks' debut feature film, and what better way than to be lead by one of the time's premiere filmmaker, John Singleton. After a race war breaks loose at her university, Banks' character Deja serves as a casualty of war.

7. Radio Raheem, Do The Right Thing

Played By: Bill Nunn

Radio Raheem's death represents a story we as a community know too well.

As the neighborhood looks on at Radio Raheem's murder by police, it only fuses the flame that is already lit.

8. Raheem, Juice

Played By: Khalil Kain

Raheem was the first and only homie from the group to die at the hands of Bishop's selfishness and ego. After a robbery gone wrong turns deadly, the friends wonder if what they are chasing is worth it.

9. Pops, House Party 2

Played By: Robin Harris

Robin Harris left his mark on the world of comedy, especially when he starred in the 1990 film, House Party. When the sequel debuted a year later, Harris' presence as Pops was noticeably missing. It was later revealed in the film when Kid was heading to college that Pops had passed away.

10. Rodney, Baby Boy

Played By: Snoop Dogg

The entire plot of Baby Boy will give you a headache. It is not because it's a bad movie, but because you feel for everybody around Jody. They all suffer due to his carelessness and his inability to grow up. Even though Rodney's character literally was no matter than Jody, we must applaud him for being the catalyst that inspires Jody to change his life around.

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