Everybody from 'A Different World' made an appearance on 'Living Single'

There is no doubt about it that the 90's were the pinnacle of black television. After A Different World ended in 1993, a lot of the cast needed to take on roles before they took on their next big endeavor. Take a look at every A Different World cast member that appeared on Living Single

Jasmine Guy - Season 3 Episode 19 - Shrink to Fit

Guy playing Dr. Jessica Bryce.

Kadeem Hardison - Season 2 Episode 23 - Who's Scooping Who?

Hardison as journalist, Marcus Hughes. We got to see another Kadeem Harrison/Dwayne Wayne glo-up when he got the baby dreads.


Darryl M. Bell - Season 3 Episode 20 - Dear John

Bell as push-over boyfriend, John. He was way finer as Ron Johnson. 

Dominic Hoffman - Season 1 Episode 8 - Living Single...with Children

Hoffman played a single father. Giphy

Charlene Brown - Season 1 Episode 21 - Friends Like These

Brown as mooching friend, Jackie. 

Cree Summer - Season 1 Episode 18 - Love Thy Neighbor

Summer played a short term love interest of Overton's, Summer. 

Lou Myers - Season 2 Episode 25 - To Grandmother's House We Go

Myers as Mr. Hampton, the baker. "They think we don't know how to make love just 'cause we old."

Karen Malina White - Season 3 Episode 22 - Woman to Woman

Malina played Max's roommate and lesbian best friend from college.

Bumper Robinson - Various Episodes

Bumper as Ivan.


original post - 6.5.17

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