Everybody Deserves A Mars Blackmon


Spike Lee portrayed his character Mars Blackmon in the 1986 film, She's Gotta Have It. In late November, Netflix released a contemporary television version. The series revolves around Nola Darling and her many suitors. Amongst the people who please Nola is Mars Blackmon. The Black and Puerto Rican goofball who is also funny and exciting and thoughtful.

Though a bit corny, (he has sex with Jordan's on for God's sake) Mars is the guy that everybody needs.


Nola consistently dogs him and has no respect for Mars, but he continues to persevere. Now, Mars should not accept that behavior when he is doing every thing that he can for Nola. Sure, during Thanksgiving, Mars wasn't exactly on the same level as Greer and Jamie, neither with intellect or where it mattered, but Mars is himself.

He is kind and caring and carries Nola's art!! He is the support system that everybody needs. 


She's Gotta Have It is now streaming on Netflix.

original post - 12.4.17

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