Episode Guide To Dwayne And Whitley's Relationship

Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert-Wayne might be one of the most iconic couples in sitcom history. They are a true story about two individuals going from lovers to friends. But their relationship was not always like that. They both dated other people, had arguments, and one even almost got married to somebody else. It wouldn't be a true relationship without a few forgiveable ups and downs.

If you have never seen an episode of A Different World, or wanted to know the key episodes that make Dwayne and Whitley an "it couple", we got the full play-by-play for you below.

First Kiss: Season 2, Episode 4 "Dream Lover"

After two whole semesters of Dwayne fiending for Denise, he finally finds a new love interest in Whitley Gilbert. Their rendezvous began when they first slowed danced at a party during mid-terms and Dwayne's hands grazed Whitley's butt. Later on in the episode when Whitley believes she lost a term paper, she thanks Dwayne for retrieving it by kissing him.

2nd Kiss: Season 3, Episode 5 "Forever Hold Your Peace"

After a disappointing trip to New York in which Dwayne finds out that Denise is now married and has a family, and Whitley is subjected to the wedding of her father and young new step mother, they kiss again while waiting for a tow truck in a snow storm and rekindle the idea of a possible relationship.

3rd Kiss: Season 3, Episode 7 "Wedding Bells From Hell"

Love is in the air once Walter and Jaleesa make the choice to get married, and they aren't the only two people in that mood. After working closely with each other to celebrate Walter and Jaleesa's big day, Dwayne and Whitley start talking about marriage, the kind of man Whitley wants, and how Dwayne can be that man.

Whitley's Boyfriend: Season 3, Episode 16 "A World Alike"

In this apartheid deemed episode, Whitley meets Julian Day, an exchange student from Georgetown and future diplomat. After their rocky beginning, Whitley and Julian begin dating and continue on throughout the end of the season leaving Dwayne jealous.

Dwayne's Girlfriend: Season 4, Episode 1 "Everything Must Change"

After Julian and Whitley break up, and Whitley is now single for the summer, Dwayne writes her letters expressing his love for her. When Whitley doesn't return any of his letters, Dwayne then finds a new paramour in Avery University student, Kinu Owens.

Engagement: Season 4, Episode 25 "To Be Continued"

Dwayne and Whitley have now graduated college and are on their way to take over the world. When Whitley gets a job offer in New York that could take her away from Dwayne throughout the summer, Dwayne proposes to Whitley and they stay in Virgina together, making Whitley forego her job.

Break-Up: Season 5, Episode 10 "Do You Take This Woman?"

Dealing with a lot of stress while planning their pre-wedding activities, Dwayne goes on a date with another woman. After Kim finds Dwayne out and about, he confesses to Whiley and she calls off the wedding.

Wedding: Season 5, Episode 25 "Save The Best For Last"

After working closely with future Virgina senator, Byron Douglas, on his campaign trail, Byron proposes to Whitley and they are set to be married. Dwayne visits Whitley the night before her wedding to say his final good-byes to the woman he once knew. While at the wedding, Dwayne crashes the ceremony and confesses his love for Whitley and whisks her away from Byron.

Baby: Season 6, Episode 18 "When One Door Closes..."

At the end of A Different World, and a rough start to their adult married life, Dwayne is offered a job in Japan that pays him $80,000 a year. Enough to take care of him, Whitley, and their new bundle of joy.

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