Doughboy D - "Gulfport High"

Gulfport, Mississippi's, Doughboy D has The Coast going crazy with his recent single, "Gulfport High". The single, which gets it's name from the city's most popular high school, Gulfport High School, is an ode to the reckless lifestyle that D was partaking in as a teenager.

The song has become so popular that Dr. Harper, the principal at Gulfport High School, has called for the song to be taken down. There is even a TikTok Challegene happening in which users record themselves dancing to the song. If the popularity of the song is any indication of the success it will receive, Dr. Harper might not receive his wish of the removal of the song. Doughboy D also posted an Instagram videoing dressing Dr. Harper's request for the rremoval of the song in which he says, "Nigga, I ain't taking my single down, nigga..." and also alerts his audience that the video is dropping, "real soon."

Until the video drops, get familiar with Doughboy D's song, "Gulfport High".

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