Donald Glover And Mo'Nique Team Up For A Brand New Adidas Commercial

Donald Glover is taking some time off from creating his hit show Atlanta and is focusing on his brand new venture - fashion. In September, it was announced that Glover was officially team Adidas, after releasing his "Feels Like Summer" music video.


Since then, Glover has gone on to add his stylistic design to the Adidas brand. Fans were able to get a first look at the shoe when Glover air-dropped them at Coachella. With this new Adidas collaboration, Glover will be reconstructing three Adidas classics; the Nizza, Continental 80, and the Lacombe. Each pair comes deconstructed while seeming to be worn-in, but do not fret, that is only the design of the shoe.

Watch below as Donald Glover and Mo'Nique give us multiple commercials within a commercial in their brand new commercial.

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