DeRon Horton Is A Secret Snack

DeRon Horton has been cascading across our screens for the better part of the last year and a half. We first got to see him as in the widely critical Netflix film, Burning Sands, a film focusing on life pledging a fictional Black fraternity. We even got to see him star alongside Denzel Washington, in Roman J. Israel, Esq. But it was not until the series, Dear White People, dropped on Netflix, that we got to see Horton show his true range. He stars as Lionel Higgins - a gay student journalist trying to find his place in the world at Winchester University.


One thing that we have noticed about DeRon, besides him being immensely talented, is that he, is fine as hell. Often times, (besides a certain sex scene in season 2 of Dear White People) DeRon's characters are covered up; whether by glasses, a large un-tamed afro, or clothes that do not complement his body. Physical looks and body type are not the only thing that make somebody a snack. It's their confidence, their style, and the overall way in which they carry themselves. Luckily, DeRon hits the mark in all categories and we are proud to watch him excel.


Watch DeRon as Square on Burning Sands, and as Lionel Higgins on Dear White People, both trending now, on Netflix.

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