"Coach Snoop" is Beautiful

Netflix does it again with their constant new and exciting content. This time, the star of their new and exciting show is no other than Long Beach's own, Snoop Dogg himself. The show centers around Snoop and his youth football league based out of Los Angeles, California.


Throughout the 8-episode series, we meet the members of Snoop's league, the parents, and the coaches. Most people might find the language derogatory and harsh to the kids, but honestly, it is one of the most beautiful and authentic components of the series.

The league was created to get young boys off the street and to teach them life lessons through the game of football. We meet every kid and watch how they interact with each other. We truly see that this is more than football for a lot of these kids. This is life.

There is no way that you will not feel for every kid you see on the show. They all have their own story that they are telling. They are all battling their own demons and are blessed with their own individual gifts and talents.

Through his talents, Snoop has created an opportunity for kids from all over his community to create a better live for themselves. His personality as a rapper, actor, producer, host, and marijuana connoisseur do not matter when it's time to step on the field and into the lives of the kids that he touches.

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