Chicago White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson Becomes American League Batting Champion

After having an astonishing batting average of .335, Chicago White Sox Player Tim Anderson was just named the American League (AL) 2019 Batting Champion. In simplified terms for non baseball viewers, this means that Mr. Anderson has the highest batting average amongst all baseball players in the American League. Not to mention, he is the only African American player on this Chicago White Sox team roster. Coming from the South Side of Chicago as Mr. Anderson clarifies in this short video clip from the Undefeated Twitter page, he emphasizes that it is now his mission to show other kids where he is from that young African American men do play baseball, and are actually really good at it. In this video it also talks about the 50% decline of African American baseball players playing in Major League Baseball (MLB) since 1994.

Acknowledging the history of profound African American Baseball players that paved the way and overcame numerous hardships and obstacles to fight for equality, this is another precious moment that will go down in history in the sport of baseball. Greats such as Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Henry (Hank) Thompson, fought hard to transition from the Negro Leagues to playing with others in the MLB. Further, this accomplishment by Mr. Anderson articulates that none of their hard work was in vain. Though the sport of baseball has also now recognized the talents of Spanish-speaking players, baseball has continued to value those young men who continue to give their all every time they step on the field. Lastly, below is a short clip that shows just how good this young man is!

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