Cast Trevor Jackson as the Lead in Everything

There is no doubt that Trevor Jackson has had an amazing year. He has starred in Freeform's Grownish, as well as dropped his recent project, Rough Drafts Pt. 1. He has not slowed down, and after his brand new film, Superfly, released in theaters on June 13th, there is a clear reason why. Superfly brought in $6 million opening weekend, and after being in theaters for only a week, it has soared to $10 million.


Jackson, who stars as Priest, is one of, if not, the key component of this film. He rocks a perm as he performs capoeira, has a threesome, as well as handles multiple millions of dollars. The film makes the city of Atlanta look beautiful as a lot of underground corruption is going on. Without even seeing the original, you will still be able to follow the storyline of Superfly. With it only being filmed in Atlanta in 38 days, Jackson had a lot to prepare for. Between learning lines, keeping his hair pressed, and getting up and performing in the midst of a cold Atlanta winter, Jackson truly shows us why he is the head honcho.

Superfly also stars Jason Mitchell, Michael K. Williams, Big Boi, and many more. It is directed by Director X and is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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