Cardellia Hunter Ignites Students At Clark Atlanta University

Photography By: Johntavis Mclean

Cardellia Hunter visited an Entertainment Journalism class at Clark Atlanta University in which she spoke about her journey through the music and entertainment industry; her early beginnings and her greatest accomplishments. Many students were enthused and asked questions based on her answers, and their personal interests. Her journey has been astounding, and she is only lighting ways for others to achieve their ideas and support the city of Atlanta.

She is the Co-Director and the Director of Operations and Productions under the city of Atlanta’s Office of Entertainment. Her office began in 2013 once the city realized that the movie industry was going to come to Atlanta due to the tax incentive and because the office simply knew that the city of Atlanta has the world’s busiest airport. Mrs. Hunter is the reason behind why multiple blockbusters get the greenlight to film major motion pictures in Atlanta. One of her greatest accolades includes winning the Location Manager Guild International Award. It was also her first nomination.

Her career journey has allowed her to leave some lasting remarks for students including:

Get In The Door

Initially, Mrs. Hunter got into the entertainment industry to be able to take care of her daughter, but with the help of a friend, she was able to get in the door through the music industry and navigate to her career in film and entertainment.


"Relationships are everything." - Cardellia Hunter

Because of Mrs. Hunter's relationships with individual members of the production team, she is able to go on tech scouts with Ava DuVernay or be personally invited to movie premieres by Will Packer.

Wearing Multiple Hats

Mrs. Hunter's overall job is being responsible for issuing permits for production; but she does much more than that singular job. She also works with the locations teams, transportation teams when it comes to parking passes, and other areas of production to ensure the safety of the production while they are shooting in the city.

Ija Peters is a senior Mass Media Arts major with a concentration in film currently enrolled at Clark Atlanta University.

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