Brandon Ingram Balls Out in Huge Overtime Win Against Utah Jazz

Battling prime time defender and big time play maker Donovan Mitchell, New Orleans Pelicans SF Brandon Ingram dropped a career high 49 pts, tagging on 8 reb and 6 ast in a highly entertaining contest Thursday night in New Orleans.

In the previous matchup between these two teams, the Jazz edged out a 2-pt victory over the Pels (128-126). Ingram, also the Pelicans leading scorer (35 pts) during that January 6th matchup, pulled out that same magic in last night's victory.

Rallying up and down the court throughout the first two quarters, Ingram hustled on both ends of the floor to keep this game close early on.

Yet, in the 3rd quarter and in the final minutes of this match, he turned up the ammunition even more to give the Pels several lead changes. Playing great defense and stopping the electric shock of Donovan Mitchell (46 pts-season high), the Pelicans were able to snap the Utah Jazz's 10-game winning streak, despite a questionable foul called on Jaxson Hayes with .02 sec left on the clock.

More importantly, with a collective team effort and a thrilling off-balance jumper with barely anytime left on the shot clock by Ingram, this became possible. Final Score: 138-132 OT.

Next, the Pelicans will take on the 29-13 Los Angeles Clippers at home. While the Clippers are favored to win this matchup by 68.0% (ESPN matchup predictor), with Brandon Ingram on the floor, and Paul George out due to injury, it will definitely be a very competitive and exciting game to watch.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports (Source)

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