Black TV Shows Always Include Latino People, But Why Is It Never The Other Way Around?

Black television watchers able to find comfort and familiarity in watching shows that feature Black people as the lead role. We are able to view their hilarious moments as well as see them venture through realize moments. Black television is the perfect thirty minute through an hour view into Blackness that otherwise isn't seen in a fictional way. We are able to see these shows and deeply discuss what they mean to us as a community. One show in particular that Black individuals love several is HBO's, Insecure.

Twitter user, @Dreyacassie posed the statement, "I'm just saying Issa could've had a Latina friend." When it comes to Black people and our art, it always seems like we have to share with people who would never share with us. Instead of thinking about the several white shows that never featured Latino characters, she chose to speak about a very popular Black show that specifically features the Black experience in Los Angeles, California. Without thinking, the user forgot to mention that the show does in fact feature THREE Afro-Latino characters. Daniel played by Y'Lan Noel is Panamanian, and characters, Dro played by Saraunas Jackson, and Kelli played by Natasha Rothwell, are Afro-Latino as well.

Prominent Black shows such a The Proud Family, Martin, and House Of Payne have featured notorious Latino characters. Proving the Black artists invite other individuals into our culture, without them thinking of us. Ask yourself this question, when have you seen a Black character on Cristela, George Lopez, or One Day At A Time?

Luis in Martin

Luis was the superintendent of Martin's apartment building.

The Boulevardez Family in The Proud Family

The Boulevardez family is made up of Felix, Sunset, LaCienga, and Papi. Sunset is a police officer and the family in general is very successful.

The Hernandez Family in House of Payne

The Hernandez family is a Hispanic version of the Payne's. They have their own set of familial and personal problems.

Needless to say, Black people always include others, and even when we don't, that's okay too.

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