Black TV Show Episodes About Elections

November 3rd and here and today is officially the last day to cast your vote in the 2020 Presidential Election. In honor of this day, we compiled a list of election episodes from some of our favorite Black TV Shows. Let us know which one is your favorite, and remember to vote.

The Boondocks, "It's A Black President, Huey Freeman"

The Boondocks is always known for commentating on the culture, and when it was time for Barack Obama to become president in 2008, this was not a storyline that they could shy away from.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, "Here Comes The Judge"

It this episode, Phillip Banks was running for Superior Court Judge. Will decides to take the election into his own hands when he recreates Uncle Phil's campaign video. Much to Will's dismay, the family is not a fan.

Living Single, "Ride The Maverick"

Once Maxine Shaw puts her mind to something, you can guarantee that it is going to get done. Whether she is competing in court or running to become an alderwoman, she is going to win it, and she does.

Sister, Sister, "For The People"

In this episode, Ray is running to become Michigan's next state senator. After picking up a new campaign manager, and getting help from Tia and Tamera's college friends, Ray thinks he has a good shot at winning the campaign.

The Wayans Bros., "Pop's Campaign"

Shawn and Marlon have their own way of doing things when they help out Pops as he is running for councilman against a slimeball already in the position of power.

One On One, "Rock The Vote"

The 2004 presidential election was a turning point for a lot of people. Bush was up for re-election and there was a new pool of young people who were eligible to vote. If anything, this episode encourage the youth to use their power and to do it together.

A Different World, "Special Delivery"

When Bryon runs for state senate, students and alum from his alma mater rally together to get him elected. This episode shows the importance of reaching back out to a place that you call home and encouraging them to use their voice in choosing the best candidate.

Happy Election Day. Make sure you vote!

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