Black Owned Businesses, TV Edition

Updated: Apr 15

Art has a wonderful way of imitating life, and television is no different. Throughout the many years of Black television, we have seen Black characters in various careers. A popular one is entreprenuership. Whether they are in real estate, sports management, the culinary arts, or a service provider, Black owned businesses have stood the test of time and allowed for viewers to see the many spaces they occupy.

Flavor Magazine

Living Single

Flavor Magazine has been Khadijah's child since she was in college. She worked odd jobs to raise capital to get the company off the ground. Throughout her work with Flavor she has run into lawsuits, arrogant journalists, and even had a rendez-beaut with one of her interviewees. Her hardworking journalistic efforts, even won her awards for the work that Flavor Magazine does.

Kyle Trucking

My Wife and Kids

Kyle Trucking is a true family business. With Michael Kyle being the boss, he's responsible for all of the operations including the hiring of his wife and kid, Jay and Junior who worked for him for a short period of time.

Tasha Mack Management

The Game

If you're a young athlete with a lot of promise, there's no one better to sign with than Tasha Mack of Tasha Mack Management. Her expertise in the professional sports world gives her unprecedented insight on how to guide and market an athlete's career.

Ray's Limos

Sister, Sister

There are some perks that come with having your own limousine service such as using them whenever you want. Ray Campbell of Ray's Limos is no stranger to that. As the ultimate business man he does everything from planning commercials and advertising to hiring mechanics to keep his fleet up and running.

The J-Spot


Nobody has made such a career pivot as Joan Carol Clayton. After rising as a lawyer at her law firm, she began to look for something more fulfilling, something she could pour her heart into that would mean something to her. After reluctantly partnering with William, she was able to open her restaurant, The J-Spot.

Pop's Diner

The Wayans Bros.

Pop's Diner might not be your first choice for food, but if you ever needed a quick bite in New York City, his establishment is the place to go. You can also go next door and grab a newspaper or magazine from his son Shawn's newsstand.

Vincent Taylor Made Temp Service

A Different World

Jaleesa was on the fast track in career ever since her first day at Hillman College. After a slew of marketing jobs, Jaleesa was more than equip to start her own business. She opened Vincent Taylor Made Temp Service and was responsible for providing many Hillman students, including Ron, Freddie, and Gina, temporary work.

West Side Development


Franklin Saint has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. With his on going business, he knows how important it is for him to have something that's legitimate and legal, enter, West Side Development.

Proud Snacks

The Proud Family

Although not most people's first choice in snacks, nobody has stood by their product quite like Oscar Proud. Would you try Proud Snacks if given the chance?

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