Black Movies Set In Atlanta

Atlanta has been known as the home of Black Hollywood for quite a while, and rightfully so. Not only is it home to some of the biggest stars in entertainment, and the epicenter of production for multiple Hollywood blockbuster films, but Atlanta is also a city that many movies are take place in.

Stomp The Yard, 2007

HBCU's are popular in Atlanta, and for good reason. Stomp The Yard represents the greek life that is expressed on campuses throughout the country. It follows the story of DJ, a student from out of town who is new the whole "fraternity life". After being reluctant, he finds a new outlook and joins Theta Nu Theta.

Beauty Shop, 2005

Beauty Shop is the third film in the Barbershop film franchise and stars no other than Hip-Hop and Hollywood legend, Queen Latifah. Set in the SWATs neighborhood of Atlanta, Beauty Shop follows Queen on a quest to own and operate her own hair salon with everybody up against her including patrons, a health inspector, and her old boss.

Drumline, 2002

Nick Cannon gave the culture back to back hits with his films Love Don't Cost A Thing and Drumline, the latter being set at the fictional HBCU, Atlanta A&T. Drumline is the second HBCU movie on this list and it shows the life of members of the college marching band, their tradition, their skillset, and dedication it takes to join the drumline of a historically Black college. Drumline was shot on the campus of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia and produced by Atlanta record producer, Dallas Austin.

ATL, 2006

This 2006 self-titled film follows the life of teenaged Atlanta residents and their journey into young adulthood and decision making. The film highlights some of the most popular Atlanta staples including Waffle House and Cascade Rolling Rink. In addition to the those 404 monuments, the film also stars and cameos multiple Atlanta natives including T.I., Big Boi, Monica, and Killer Mike. ATL was also produced by Dallas Austin and TLC group member, T-Boz.

The Players Club, 1998

Ice Cube's directorial debut focused on individuals and patrons of The Players Club, a fictional strip club in Atlanta, Georgia. Strip clubs are popular in the A and it serves as the setting for this 1998 classic film. Although not filmed in Atlanta, Players Club was still able to focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes out of the clubs.

School Daze, 1988

School Daze serves as Spike Lee’s second feature film and is set in Atlanta, Georgia at the fictional Mission College. The film was set in a historically Black college and was shot on the campus of Clark Atlanta University, Morris Brown University, and Morehouse College, the latter being Lee's alma mater. School Daze shows the life and vibrancy of HBCU's.

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