Black Lesbians - Urban Street

As a person who is genuinely in love with media, ridiculously obsessed with the 90's, and proud of being Black, I often find myself scrolling through YouTube searching for a send of that nostalgia. After watching a piece about Cross Colours on YouTube, that same channel also had a piece called "BLACK LESBIANS URBAN STREET". Urban Street was a show hosted by Chicago native, Ty Wansley. From a quick Google search, it seems as though it was a show that focused on Chiago and Black life in the 90's.


Nevertheless, this piece focused on Black lesbians and author, Lisa C. Moore who wrote a book, Does Your Mama Know?: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories, where she documents Black women who were coming to terms with their sexual identity in the 90's. In the piece, she talks about her own discovery of her sexuality at the age of 12. She also speaks on how then, and still sometimes now, homophobic the Black community can be, often to the point of kicking their child out of the house. Leaving them to choose between being embraced by the racist white LGBT community of essentially homelessness.

In honor of pride month, buy Moore's book, here, and check our her interview she did with Urban Street below.

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