Black Girl Magic is All Up And Through 'Dear White People'


Dear White People dropped the second installment of their incredible series on May 4th which is now streaming on Netflix. In this second volume, we are able to see more of our faves, such as Sam White, Joelle Brooks, and CoCo Conners as well as explore the womanhood of Kelsey and Brooke. Through this 10-part series, we are able to see them all explore a journey of sisterhood, relationships, and ambition. And as a Black woman, it warmed my heart. To see them be there for each other, laugh at each other, and rely on one another for comfort and advice, truly shows the beauty and nuance of the Black woman friendship.

Read about some of our favorite moments from them below.

Sam: This season, we loved seeing Sam in her vulnerable moments. We know her as the hardheaded, tough, and strong Black girl but to see her explore her relationship with Gabe and get closer to her mom after the death of her dad was refreshing.

Favorite Episode(s): 8, 9, 10

Favorite Line(s): "Okay, listen, you know what, 'king'".

Joelle: Joelle Josephine (not her middle name) Brooks stole our entire heart this season. She is funny, smart, and reliable;everything you want in a friend and everything you want to be. Our homegirl also got it in this season, 🤪. We stan our chicken nugget queen.

Favorite Episode(s): 5, 8, 10

Favorite Line(s): "Oh, you think the black man has a monopoly on suffering? You have no clue what black women go through, probably 'cause you can't get close to one, 'cause you're fucking whack."

CoCo: CoCo has been on a magnificent journey this entire season. She has known what she wants and will relentlessly stop at nothing to get it. We also love that she takes no shit from Troy and is always on his ass.

Favorite Episode(s): 4,5, 8, 10

Favorite Line(s):"I came here to take everything the world denied my mother and dared to deny me."

Kelsey: Who doesn't love a friend who is down for whatever. Regardless if the situation is life threatening or not. Our favorite gold-star lesbian Trinidadian goddesses came through with the laughs and the loves this entire season. We love who and what she represents and can't wait to see more of her in the future.

Favorite Episode(s): 1, 4

Favorite Line(s): "I'm a lesbian love. Gold star." | "But you seem so up tight and regimented and nakedly ambitious. I expect that you would use two condoms and a NuvaRing."

Brooke: We were blessed enough to be able to meet Brooke last season. She is quite the wild card. She is very, very adamant about catching the right story even if that means working with her "arch nemesis", Lionel. Also, who doesn't love a sex-positive angel?

Favorite Episode(s): 6

Favorite Line(s): "And don't be so sex negative Al. A little dick pic ain't never hurt nobody." Al: "Ain't nothing little about it." "I noticed. Left you my number."

We are excited to see where volume three takes our queens. Until then, enjoy this picture, 💕.

P.S. episode 10 is full of sisterhood.

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