Black Fathers In Film

Today is officially Father's Day. A day where we can celebrate our real fathers and father figures as well as fictional fathers. Movies have the ability to "raise" us and offer us a reality we never knew existed. In honor of Father's Day, we are celebrating some of our fathers in film.

Woody Carmichael - Crooklyn

Crooklyn signifies the first time Delroy Lindo and Spike Lee worked together, but it would not be their last. In this film, we see a Black father and his daughter team up to lead their family once their matriarch passes away.

Furious Styles - Boyz N The Hood

Black men taking care of their kids is a beautiful sight, especially when they are guiding them to adulthood. Nobody does that better than Furious Styles in Boyz N The Hood as he guides his son Tre through love, friendships, and manhood.

Nathan Wright - Love and Basketball

Nobody had Monica's back in Love and Basketball more than her father. When her mother wanted her to be more "feminine" and find other hobbies besides basketball, Nathan was right by her side and encouraged her to keep going. He even helped her find a job about her "stint" in the international legue was over.

Calvin Palmer - Barbershop 3: The Next Cut

Growing up in Chicago, Clavin new the pressures that his son was facing on a daily basis as a Black youth in their neighborhood. He was actively in his son's life to ensure that he did not go down the wrong path in life.

Marcus Burnett - Bad Boys 2

Erractic is the best word to describe Marcus Burnett. He fears taking risks, he wants to do everything by the book, but the one thing he loves more than anything and doesn't play about is his family.

Thomas Lawson - Menace II Society

Both of Kaine's parents passed away before he reached the age of 18. It was only right that his grandparents stepped in where his parents left off. Kaine was hard headed, and his grandfather tried everything in his power to keep Kaine on the right path. Even with all of his prayers, Kaine still decided to do what he wanted to do.

Joe - This Christmas

Delroy Lindo might take the cake for greatest fictional father. He played Joe, a step-parent to Madre's children in This Christmas. Being a step parent is no easy feat as he had to naviagate the reality of not actually being his step children's father especially when they loved their biological dad like he never left. One thing's for sure, he was always there for his kids even when they didn't know it.

Willie Jones - Friday Series

Hardworking. Funny. Full of character. Willie Jones was more like our father's than others could have imagined. He showed Craig and Dana the importance of going to work, standing tall with integrity, and the importance of having a few good meals a day.

Pop - House Party

A father who decides to walk on foot in the middle of the night, risk becoming a victim of police brutality, and bust up a high school party in order to bring his son home to beat his ass after sneaking out of the house, is a father full of love.

Lance Sullivan - The Best Man Holiday

God. Family. Football. Lance Sullivan's, why.

Lucky - Poetic Justice

Lucky is the definition of a young father doing what he has to do to make ends meet and make sure his daughter is taking care of. He doesn't want her around strange men and makes sure her hair is done.

Monty James - Daddy's Little Girls

Monty James is the original girl dad. It's not easy raising three daughters relatively on your own while also trying to be a good man and have some plans in place to make sure your daughters are set for life and so that you can follow your dreams. When he realizes that his daughters are in trouble, he does what all of us would do in that situation.

Zeke McCall - Love and Basketball

He wasn't the model husband, but if there is one lesson he wanted his son to learn, it was a lesson of "Don't be like me." and "Learn from my mistakes."

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