Black Christmas Television Episodes

The holiday season gives everybody a time to enjoy not going to work and spending time with their family. If you are a TV head such as myself, you want to spend time catching up on your favorite shows, and in my case, re-watching old classics that gives us that holiday feel. That is why we had to create a list of some of our favorite holiday and Christmas episodes from some classic Black television shows.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air | "Christmas Show"

Nothing says the holidays like your family getting together at a ski lodge. You got snow, a Christmas tree, and a house full of drunk relatives. With this mixture, what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing - until you get robbed. The Banks' family now has to redefine what Christmas is.

Martin | "I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus"

Marty Mar loves the kids and will do anything to make sure they are straight, including dressing up as Santa Claus to make sure they see an accurate representation of themselves.

Girlfriends | "You Better Watch Out"

You better watch out, you better not cry, especially when you're cheating on your husband. Maya has to find a clever way to hid an expensive watch from her paramour.

Everybody Hates Chris | "Everybody Hates Christmas"

Chris definitely gets the brunt of being the older sibling. On the one day that should be special for him, it isn't. He has to miss out on getting a walkman as a Christmas gift in order for his younger siblings to get what they want.

A Different World | "I'm Dreaming Of A Wayne Christmas"

Dwayne and Whitley have been on a tragedy for months, and once it starts going good, Whitley is now under the pressure of meeting Dwayne's family during the holidays. In an effort to make a good impression, she roams around New York City on Christmas Eve looking for the best gift for Dwayne's mother.

The Proud Family | "Seven Days Of Kwanzaa"

The Proud family learns the true meaning of the holiday season when they meet a homeless family who celebrates Kwanzaa. Instead of them stressing over material items, the Proud's new found friends show them that the holiday season is about reflecting on family and the blessings that they have in life.

The Wayans Bros | "A Country Christmas"

The city boys get a taste of country living when they go visit their cousin Sheila, down south. In true Marlon fashion, he finds a way to wreak havoc by letting the pigs out, Sheila's prime source of income. The family now must gather together to find a way to clean up Marlon's mess.

Living Single | "Living Kringle"

Synclair wants to share the holiday spirit with all of her friends, but when they decide to participate in more superficial activities such as going to work and spending time with their lovers, she takes Christmas into her own hands by singing with strangers in a bar.

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