Beyond the Music: Meek Mill Receives Social Justice Award

Photo by: Matt Rourke (AP)

Rapper Meek Mill has used his platform as a world renowned hip hop artist to bring awareness to the injustices that minorities face within the criminal justice system. While serving part of a 4 year sentence, the young rapper became extremely vocal about the unfair treatment that black and brown people faced not only behind bars, but on a daily basis while in contact with law enforcement. Immediately after being released, he took his talents to the studio alongside singer/songwriter Miguel and recorded a song entitled “Stay Woke”, that expressed his disheartenment regarding the killing of young black men in the streets. Furthermore, after recording music, he became even more involved in the community by encouraging people to not only become educated about prison reform, but ways in which law enforcement should be held responsible for the unjustified mistreatment that minorities face in this country everyday. Consequently because of his outspokenness regarding prison reform, he received a Social Justice Award from NYU’s McSilver Institute.

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