Atlanta Falcons Lock Down Julio Jones With Another Record-Breaking Contract

3 years, $66 million is the culmination of a long awaited contract extension between the Atlanta Falcons and its star wide receiver, Julio Jones. Jones, who has put up astronomical numbers during his tenure with the Falcons, seems to very much hold the future of the Atlanta Falcons in the palm of his hand. As this six-time Pro-Bowler has made it very clear his desire to retire with the team, the idea of him leaving this season was not really a thought in the minds of fans and the Falcons organization. Yet, no one was expecting that he would be receiving a whopping extension that guarantees him $64 million. While, many would argue that he has rightfully earned every single penny of this new contract, this does bring into question what other steps are the Falcons taking to have another chance at a Super Bowl. After losing in Super LI, the Falcons have struggled offensively, as well as defensively. So, while this is a good step in the right direction for this organization, many would agree that more needs to be done if the Falcons want to return to Atlanta hailing the Lombardi trophy. However, never doubt the abilities of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, as he hopes to lead his team into the right direction during this 2019-2020 NFL Season.

Photo by: Jeffery A. Salter

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