Animation Representation as explained by Tyler, The Creator

This week, rapper, actor, designer, model, carnival thrower, and overall genius, Tyler, The Creator went to Comic Con in San Diego, California to talk about his new animated series, The Jellies premiering on Cartoon Network. While being a part of a panel, an audience member asked why Cornell Jelly, the main character, was going to be presented as a Black Character this season. In his often expressive way, Tyler asked the audience member to name five current Black cartoon characters, and even gave her time. Once she failed, Tyler went on to explain how prominent Black cartoons such as Static Shock and Fillmore! are no longer and received much hype when explaining that Cornell is not the comic relief or the side kick and that he is in fact, the lead nigga. Like Tyler said, Cornell does not have guns, nor does he play basketball. He is simply a goober, and sometimes, that is all niggas want to see. Real life Black goobers, being goobers.

Check out the trailer for The Jellies below, premiering this summer on Adult Swim.

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