All Of Khadijah James' Love Interests

Queen Latifah bodied the role of the fictional New Jersey native and magazine publisher, Khadijah James for five season's on FOX's, Living Single. From 1993 until 1998, she ran a magazine, fell in and out of love, grew as a friend, and was a style icon portraying Khadijah. It was rare for Khadijah to love a man as much as she loved her work, Flavor Magazine, but each season, we were able to get a glimpse into who Khadijah was feeling, or more importantly, who was feeling her.

Hamilton Brown

Played By: Morris Chestnut

Whether it's 1993 or 2020, there is no way any sane person is going to turn down a date from Morris Chestnut. We can't fault Khadijah for doing it either. He's fine, he plays basketball, and he has his own spot? Sounds like a winner to me. Everything was going just fine until Hamilton asked Khadijah to pay for half of their date. At that point, I would have dipped too.

Xavier St. John

Played By: Richard Whiten

There are times where we all fall for an idiot, and for Khadijah, these are one of those times. This episode was actually revolutionary in their efforts to discuss male sexual harassment in the workplace. Khadijah has to make a choice in which she decides to keep on a writer, who quite literally, cannot write or be forced to accept a sexual harassment lawsuit that she does not deserve. After failing to kiss a new writer she has hired, she makes the ultimate decision in firing him and kicking his illiterate butt to the curb.

Alonzo Ford

Played By: Adam Lazarre-White

Alonzo quite literally did everything right. He courted Khadijah, sent her flowers, had his class serenade her, and even asked her to move in with him. He was supportive of her job and all of her endeavors. Everything was going great until an old flame re-appeared and made Khadijah choose between a new friend and an old one.

Terrence "Scooter" Williams

Played By: Cress Williams

What can be said about Scooter. He's a childhood friend who knows Khadijah inside and out. He knows what makes her laugh, what makes her mad, and is one of her biggest supporters. He sometimes chose his career over Khadijah, but at times, they both did. They chose to continue to elevate now, because they knew it would pay off in the end. Scooter and Khadijah Stans can rejoice in knowing that at the end of the series, they chose each other.

Grant Hill

Played By: Grant Hill

Grant Hill and Khadijah quite literally fell in love. A passion for basketball and journalism led them to an amazing fling. Imagine spending a few days with one of the finest basketball players; getting lunch, having a candle lit dinner, and having him sing an ode to you.

Dr. Charles Roberts

Played By: Isaiah Washington

How many of us meet our boyfriends ass first? Their relationship didn't last long, but Charles marks as Khaijah's third long time boyfriend throughout the series. He was a doctor who was slowly finding his way in a classist society. The two didn't match up as well as Khaijah's former paramours.

Cedric Ceballos

Played By: Cedric Ceballos

The professional athletes had a thing for Khadijah. Especially the basketball players. This fling was only a date, (in which Khadijah acted a complete fool on) and it made for great comedy.

Honorable Mentions Ivan Ennis

Played By: Bumper Robinson Ivan was the sophomore NYU student who loved journalism and storytelling but more importantly loved being at Flavor Magazine and under Khadijah more than anything else.

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