Adele Givens Is The Only Good Thing About The Kanye West and Lil Pump Collaboration

Adele Givens, actress, comedian, and overall "fucking lady" is the greatest thing to come out of Kanye West's and Lil Pump's latest collaboration. Dressed in over-large suits made up of designs from Kanye's Yeezy Season clothing line, West and Pump walk down a lit hallway singing the song's chorus "you're such a fucking hoe/I love it".

Givens opens up the video reciting one of her infamous Def Comedy Jam routines in which she lets the men of the 90's and beyond, know that women of the 90's are not like women from back in the day. They are upfront and have no problem letting a man know what they - and that is, to cum. Watch the video for "I Love It" below. Thank you, Queen Adele 👑.

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