"A Different World" Cast On "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"

In the early 90's A Different World and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air both served as two of the most prominent shows on NBC. So much so that characters from A Different World stopped by to guest star on The Fresh Prince. Check out the members from the talented crossover below.

Kadeem Hardison as Himself

Episode: Season 1, Episode 9

Kadeem Hardison guest starred on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air in a star studded episode as himself. The episode also featured Al B Sure, Heavy D, and Fresh Prince producer Quincy Jones.

Jasmine Guy as Kayla Samuels

Episode: Season 1, Episode 21

Jasmine Guy starred as Kayla Samuels, a college student whom Will falls madly in love with. Knowing that she has a bright future, Aunt Viv tries to sabotage their relationship in order for Kayla to stay focused on her .

Cree Summer as Lisa Adams

Episode: Season 4, Episode 21

Cree Summer made a special as Lisa Adams, a girlfriend of Will's who he plans to take a trip with to Palm Springs, that won't happen until he meets her father.

Robert Guillaume as Pete Fletcher

Episode: Season 4, Episode 19

Robert Guillaume played Dean Winston, the faculty member who alerted Ron that he needed to pass one more class to graduate on A Different World. On his episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he played Pete Fletcher, a car salesman who coerced Will into dropping out of school once he seen his potential to be a great salesman.

Rosalind Cash as Mrs. Bassin

Episode: Season 3, Episode 24

The legendary Rosalind Cash played the role of Mrs. Bassin, the music teacher who was responsible for helping Will pass his music class required for him to graduate high school. Cash's episode featured Will's iconic performance of "My Little Sunshine".

Ajai Sanders as Candace/Jana

Episodes: Season 5, Episode 14 / Season 6, Episode 2,3

Ajai Sanders stars as two characters during her three episode run. She plays the role of Candace, a crew member on The Hilary Show and Jana, a friend of Lisa, Will's girlfriend and almost wife.

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