"A Different World" Cast On "Living Single"

The cast of A Different World on Living Single.
Cast of "A Different World" on "Living Single"

Once A Different World went off the air on NBC in 1993, the cast had a lot of time to venture off to new shows. Nine cast members from A Different World guest starred on the hit FOX comedy, Living Single.

Jasmine Guy

Episode: Shrink To Fit

Jasmine Guy stars in this season three episode as therapist, Doctor Bryce. She gives some much needed advice to Khadijah who is struggling to find the balance between work, life, and a broken heart.

Kadeem Hardison

Episode: Who's Scooping Who

Kadeem Hardison is sports reporter Marcus Hughes in his episode of Living Single. He tries to schoop Khadijah's story about boxer Rusty Biggins who gets paid to lose boxing matches for a rival magazine to Flavor.

Charnele Brown

Episode: Friends Like These

Charnele Brown stars as Jackie, an old college friend of Khadijah and Maxine. She's an opportunist, and Max tries to stop her plans before she runs Khadijah dry.

Darryl M. Bell

Episode: Dear John

Darryl M. Bell is John, Regine's push-over boyfriend who does whatever she says without question. Due to his gullible nature, Regine eventually breaks up with him when she realizes she needs something more.

Cree Summer

Episode: Love Thy Neighbor

Cree Summer played the character of Summer, a brief love interest of Overton's.

Karen Malina White

Episode: Woman To Woman

This episode of Living Single showcased Black lesbianism on television when Karen Malina White stars as Shayla, Max's bestfriend and roommate from college who is getting married to a woman only after reveiling that she never told Max she was a lesbian becuase she had a crush on her.

Lou Myers

Episode: To Grandmother's House We Go

"They think we don't know how to make love just 'cause we old." says Lou Myers who played Mr. Hampton, the baker and a love interest of Khadijah's grandmother.

Bumper Robinson

Episode: Various Episodes

Bumper Robinson plays Ivan Ennis, a college student majoring in journalism who becomes a mail carrier for Flavor Magazine and has a found love/obsession for Khadijah.

Dominic Hoffman

Episode: Living Single...with Children

Hoffman stars as Patrick, a single father who begins dating Regine.

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