85 South Media Introduces New Show, "Eighty Vibe"

85 South Media is known for producing the 85 South Show, the brash and raw comedic podcast hosted by Wild N Out comedians, Karlous Miller, Chico Bean, and DC Young Fly. This is the third show added to their weekly scheduled YouTube releases. Tuesdays are for their behind the scenes show, "Ridin' 85", Fridays are for the release of the full length podcast episodes, and now on Sundays, viewers will be able to watch their newest addition, "Eighty Vibe".

"Eighty Vibe" is similar to watching a mash up between Rap City and NPR's Tiny Desk met with discussing music with your homeboys. This idea is five years in the making according to 85 South Show producer, Chad Oubre. The music is produced by the 85 South Show band featuring guitarist J.O.N, keyboardist D. Clax, and drummer, Cutzoo.

On the first episode, they featured rapper Trouble and discussed his journey as an artist and how the city of Atlanta has influenced him. He also preforms songs from his recent album, including his hit, "It Ain't My Fault".

"Eighty Vibe" also features a bartender that makes drinks inspired by the artist and their music.

Watch the first episode of "Eighty Vibe" below.

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