8 Days Later..

"Heroes come and go, but legends are Forever."

The impact of one man has completely left the entire world shaken, trying to pick up the pieces, without much warning.

Yet, in sadness, comes revelation. Thus, during the darkness, the legacy that Kobe Bryant has left behind is shining even brighter.

5 Championships. 18 NBA All-Star Selections. 20 seasons. Kobe Bryant left his entire heart and soul on the court every time that he played. Even in his final game as a Laker, Bryant scored 60 pts. Every time he scored a point, it seemed even more magical than the one before.

Moreover, his strive for excellence, relentless amount of dedication, and hunger to win was beautifully displayed throughout his life from the beginning until the end.

Although, Kobe retired in 2016, his new area of focus was centered around helping the younger generation succeed. Bryant knew that success only came with an immense amount of hard work, and he was willing to devote all of the time that he could, so that the next generation, which included his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, could be infused with the Mamba Mentality. This phrase was created from his nickname Black Mamba and was used as a mantra to inspire him during his basketball career and later on, in other facets of his life.

It is extremely unfortunate that his daughter and two of her teammates were a part of this tragedy. However, we know that the Mamba Mentality still continues in the many lives that Bryant touched.

During this time of sadness, let us take on the Mamba Mentality and apply it to every aspect of our lives. Whether it be through work, serving the community around us, or even engaging with our peers, it is important to follow in the footsteps of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, and live out every single day like it is your last.

Mamba Out.

Image courtesy of: ClutchPoints

(Kobe and Gianna Bryant)

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