7 Episodes To Watch During Black History Month

February is an amazing month because it gives us 28 days, 29 if we're lucky, to truly celebrate and remember all of the accomplishments of Black people. Now, a month is not enough to celebrate the triumphs of us, but it does give us a moment to reflect on who we are, and how far we have come. One way we can do that is by watching episodic television shows that allow us to creatively and visually view those historic moments. We complied a list of 7 Black televison episodes that are key to watch to celebrate and reflect on our history.

1. The Fresh Prince - "The Ethnic Tip"

2. That’s So Raven - "True Colors"

3. The Proud Family - "I Had A Dream"

4. Black-ish - "Black History Month"

5. Girlfriends - "A Full Court Conspiracy"

6. A Different World - "Pride and Prejudice"

7. Living Single - "A Hair-Raizing Experience"

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