5 Episodes Of Black Television To Watch On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Everybody knows who Martin Luther King Jr. is and they all know how important his role in society is. Black people have many different ways of celebrating him. Whether it is by photoshopping images of him on club fliers celebrating a "ladies free till 11" promotion, or memorializing his legacy and ideas in episodic television, our celebrations are beautiful and meaningful. Below, we made a list of five episodes that represented MLK and what he stood for very well.

1. The Cat's In The Cradle, A Different World

This episode of A Different World proves that white people do not know how to handle their L in a way that is not destructive to society. When Dwayne and Ron get into a fight after a football game, they are met with college students who racially vandalizes Ron's car. Both groups then get into a battle as old as time; Black versus white.

2. Unspoken Token, The Wayans Bros.

When Shawn finally gets the opportunity to quit the newsstand and work in corporate America, he is not excited about the lack of responsibility. He soon learns the true reason why he was hired; to meet a quota.

3. Return Of The King, The Boondocks

Aaron McGruder truly knows how to mix comedy with stoic figures and situations. Some how, some way, he was able to enlist Martin Luther King Jr. himself to issue a statement to his people.

4. Good Cop, Bad Cop, Family Matters

Being a Black man who is a cop is no easy position. Especially when you are a Black man who has a family to protect. When Eddie comes home after being pulled over for no apparent reason, Carl finds to perpetrators who issued the racist stop.

5. Mistaken Identity, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

It takes some of us longer to learn than others. In this episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Will has to teach Carlton that money cannot and will not save him. And that he must face the fact that behind the pleated shorts and Ralph Lauren button down, people, law enforcement in particular, only see one thing, his skin color.

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