4 Reasons Why You Need to "Tighten Up"

Miami's own, City Girls, are one of the newest and hottest act's from Atlanta label, "Quality Control". Since signing their deal in December 2017 to having their debut project, Period, drop on May 11th, the City Girls have not slowed down on the hits and supplying us with the fire videos to match. Below, we list 4 reasons why we love the Video God directed, "Tighten Up" video.

1. City Girls takin' over for the 9-9 and the 2000's

The intro reminds us of some early Cash Money and No Limit Records cover art

2. Yellow Drop Top

The yellow drop-top Lamborghini is a staple in this amazing 2 minute cinematic masterpiece

3."New Benz just to sit up"

How you got' flex on us like that?!

4. Video God

Video God is no stranger to being behind the camera. He has directed videos for some of your favorite artist, and just like always, he came with that heat on this one.

Watch the City Girls' "Tighten Up" video below.

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