4 Documentaries You Should Be Watching For Black History Month

Janet Jackson, We Need To Talk About Bill Cosby, Screen Queens, & Phat Tuesdays

Documentaries are without a doubt one of the most creative ways for pople to learn about the past and what people thought about it. It is also an excellent to

1. Janet Jackson (Lifetime)

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Janet Jackson, singer, actress, dancer, and blueprint for years to come released a documentary in January following her iconic life and career. The documentary premiered on Lifetime and had 15.7 million people tuning in between TV viewership and streaming. The two part series documented Jackson's career, providing fans with never before seen home videos, an exclusive look into her past relationships, as well as insight to some of Jackson's most quintessential songs including her 1986 anthem, "Control". The documentary even brought viewers behind the scenes of Jackson's starring role in the 1993 film, Poetic Justice.

2. Phat Tuesdays (Amazon Prime)

Every Tuesday from 1995 until the mid-2000's, actor/comedian Guy Torry hosted, Phat Tuesdays, a comedy night where Black comedians got to come together and showcase their talent in front of Hollywood executives and other famous people. The night was hosted at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California, a club that was not known as a "Black club". However, with the guidance of Torry, every Tuesday, you'd beg to differ. The documentary focuses on the key players of Phat Tuesday; the Comedy Store owners, seucity guards, and hostess, comedians who performed, and Torry himself. The documentary is a wonderful look at the intersection between hip-hop, comedy, and Black Hollywood.

3. Soul Of A Nation Presents: Screen Queens Rising (Hulu)

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This docuseries follows the history and career of Black actresses within the entertainment industry. With inclusive interviews from Marla Gibbs, Halle Berry, Debbie Allen, Tessa Thompson, and more, the actresses discuss their beginnings in Hollywood, furthuring their career, and colorism. The docuseries also gives viewers a special insight to The Color Purple's forthcoming musical film.

4. We Need To Talk About Cosby (Showtime)

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Bill Cosby has been a staple in the Black community since he stepped on the scene in the 60's with his various television appereances and comedy albums. Director and comedian, W. Kamau Bell took a deep dive into the career and history of Bill Cosby

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