11 Of The Funniest World War III Tweets

Black people do not take anything serious. Our home could be on fire, we can catch a flat on the way to work, be dead broke and we would still find a way to see the humor in every situation. In this instance, we are making fun of the fact that a potential third World War could happen. The death of the Iranian Major General, Qassem Soleimani, provoked talk about World War III, and since then, Black Twitter has been cutting up. Below, we linked some of the funniest World War III tweets.

1. $7.25 an hour never looked so good

2. Women's rights my ass

3. "We" didn't get the country into this mess

4. At least we're getting paid

5. This song is a classic for a reason

6. We are never going to let Yahoo live this down

7. There's always a market for something

8. Certified tank driver

9. "I ain't never heard no shit like this in America"

10. There's a bright side to every situation

11. A true veteran

Honorable Mention

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