10 Years Later "Tha Carter III" Is Still Lil Wayne’s Best Album

Lil Wayne’s, Tha Carter III, released 10 years ago on June 10th 2008. Lil Wayne featured artists like Robin Thicke, on tracks like “Tie My Hand” and Jay-Z ”Mr.Carter”. Wayne’s Tha Carter III had plenty of hits that put him at the top of the music industry. The different songs featured on the album encompassed different amounts of Lil Wayne’s various personalities. “Lollipop” featured Static Major who passed away shortly after the debut of the video. This video was a foreshadowing of Wayne's future rockstar persona, as the remix of the song featured Kayne West. Tha Carter III won Wayne many awards including a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album Of The Year, a BET Hip-Hop Award for CD Of The Year and multiple other nominations. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III spent 3 weeks at number 1. Lil Wayne sold over a millions copies in the first week of the release of his album

Lil Wayne was already one of my favorite artists, but Tha Carter III just solidified my opinion. Being from New Orleans just made me like Wayne even more than the average fan. 11 year old me would say that Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III was his best album of all time. 10 years later, Wayne has now released two more Carter albums and I still feel the same way about Tha Carter III.

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