10 Ways to Survive Hurricane Irma as told by A Different World

Different World is one of every Black college kid's, HBCU or not, favorite shows to watch. It is now unfortunately hurricane season and Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Jose are huge threats to HBCUs across the country.

Hurricane Harvey threatened Texas Southern University last week, and now Irma is threatening Florida A&M and is slowly making her way to Atlanta. School is officially closed on Monday for Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College.

Luckily, students have a day off to binge watch television, or do some homework. Either way, A Different World has us covered.

"The hurricane is packing winds of up to 100 miles per hour. Hillman College has been declared unsafe. Evacuation procedures are now in effect. All buses are leaving from The Pit."  -Freddie Brooks

Faculty and staff were packed into The Pit and a warning signal was given. The winds might be strong, and the is a chance of flooding.


  1. There might not be any visitation, but if you can, snuggle up with bae for the extra warmth. 

  2. If you happen to be caught in a building with some one you aren't fond of, make the best of it. That could be your future boo. 

  3. You might be stuck with a pre-med major in your corner, but they are not a meteorologist. Leave them alone. They are just as frantic as you.

  4. If your campus radio station is not active, stay tuned in to social media. AUC Twitter is bound to not only have you updated on events, but keep you occupied with some laughter.

  5. This is a good time to plan your future. No class. Use this has self care time. 

  6. Make sure you have food so that you are not left eating beef jerky and water all day. 

  7. Leave your furs in the closet. 

  8. Don't let the alcohol get the best of you to the point where you act a fool.

  9. The underdog is usually the greatest helper.

  10. Make sure all devices, radios and smartphones alike are turned off when you're hooking up with potential bae. 


original post - 9.10.17

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