10 Songs That Should be on Your Smoking Playlist

1.Purple Swag -  A$AP ROCKY

Asap rocky dropped purple swag in 2011 paying homage to Houston legends. Houston is known to be the birthplace of lean (cough syrup).

2.Breakfast - Curren$y

In the Breakfast visual, curren$y is woken up to a knock on the door, when he answers the door there was no one there. The entire time it turned out to be stoner, loaded, and tripping shit.

3. Airborne Aquarium - Curren$y

Curren$y has to be on your smoking playlist somewhere!! You can find Airborne Aquarium as a single on Curren$y- Pilot Talk II

4.Pound Cake- Drake ft. Jay Z    

The beat was the seller also drake and Jay Z just had to team up one time for everybody.

5.Outta Time- Future  

This Song is necessary because Future on a Southside beat is simply just fire.

6.Im Single- Lil Wayne

You guessed it, I’m single right now so this is just some shit I like to smoke to and listen to the words.

7.Akbar- NBA Youngboy

Although I’m not a big youngboy fan, this some shit I could chill and smoke to for some reason.

8.Decision So Poor- Neno Calvin

I had to go with the hometeam with this one, Neno Calvin took over New Orleans with Calvinism 3 in summer of 2017!

9.B.A.R - Wiz Khalifa

B.A.R is the abbreviation for burn after rolling, it says it all in the name.

10.That Range Rover Came With Steps- Dj Khaled ft Future & Yo Gotti  

Future’s ATL trap style & Yo Gotti’s Memphis trap style just mixes very well, especially once you’re high.

Honorable mentions:

BONUS. Cheif Keef- Love No Thotties

His lyrics read, “if I smoke this blunt then I’m gone forget you”

BONUS. Killing Me- Lil Bibby

My first time hearing this song was in a smoke sesh, that’s the best time to find new smoking music… I added it to my smoking playlist at that instant, go see for yourself.

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