10 Shows That Need To Be Added To Netflix

Time and time again, Netflix has shown that they have staying power when it comes to be the go-to subscription service for all things cinema and television. It has become so popular that (Black) people have even turned it into a viral euphemism, "Netflix and Chill". Even though Netflix has become very popular amongst viewers, they are truly undeserving a community that so wishes to be seen. Black audiences rarely are able to see themselves on the subscription based site while white audiences are able to view their nostalgic shows and even get reboots, (Gilmore Girls and Fuller House).  Black people just want to be able to relish and relive television shows that are so near and dear to us.

1. A Different World


A Different World premiered on Netflix in March 2015 and was taken away from us almost two years later in the exact month. Who doesn't love reminiscing on what life would be like at Hillman College. Bring it back, @Netflix.

2. Proud Family


You and me will always be tight..." Not until we get The Proud Family, @Netflix. We need to be reunited with Penny and to see if things ever jumped off with her and 15 Cent, 👀. Anybody hungry for some Proud Snacks? 🙋🏾

3. One on One

One on One aka the greatest father/daughter relationship portrayal of all time? Can we please see Breanna and Flex again at our fingertips one time for the one time?

4. My Wife and Kids


Can we watch My Wife and Kids anytime we want, @Netflix? It seems like they keep telling us, "Uhh, no!" But come on, we need to relive everything dumb that Junior has done. He has the book, but we love the visual.

5. In Living Color


In Living Color, aka the greatest sketch comedy show of all time? Men On, Fire Marshall Bill, Ugly Girl? All of these sketches need to be relived and brought into people's living rooms again. When life gets hard, and you need a life, In Living Color is where we need to go to laugh until we pee. "Rock our world" Netflix and give us In Living Color.

6. Living Single


Living Single, you mean the greatest show about a group of friends who live in apartments together in New York City? Yeah, I need to see Khadijah's hustle, Max and Kyle's demonic relationship, Synclaire and Overton's happens, and Régine's variety of wigs on my screen, whenever I want to.

7. Girlfriends


Cue the music..."My girlfriends". We need quirky Joan, degree'd up Lynn, bossed up Maia, and very well paid Toni to grace Netflix's streaming platform.

8. Sister, Sister


The GTOAT...greatest twins of all time. It is necessary that we introduce this generation to Tia and Tamera's antics.

9. Everybody Hates Chris


"I do not need this,  my man has two jobs." Two jobs that pay for our one Netflix. Let is relish through Chris Rock's childhood and ours.

10. The Wayans Bros.

This is the third Wayans show on this list and rightfully so because these niggas are funny. How am I going to "Netflix and Chill" if I can't "Bang, bang, bang!" all night long with The Wayans Bros. in the background.

Granted, we are still going to watch Netflix because they give us some amazing content...but they could always give us more.

original post - 7.10.17

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