10 Rappers Who Should Try Acting

The world of rap is a beautiful interaction between words, melodies, ad-libs, and general creativity. Our favorite rappers can rap, but can they act? Who would be the best in a Hollywood action blockbuster, or who would make the ideal love interest in a romantic comedy? Here's a list of 10 rappers we would love to see truly throw their hat into the acting ring.

1. Lil Yachty


Everybody knows Lil Boat for having a super melodic sound that he generally refers to as Boat music. In many interviews before, he has said that he is ready to get into acting. Did you know he was even suppose to make an appearance in Donald Glover's ATLANTA? 

2. Chance The Rapper


Chance has made some appearances in a few short films, butt we would love to see Mr. Windy City in a movie role that leaves the audience in awe. 

3. Migos


There were talks of Migos starring in The Lion King as the hyenas. I mean who wouldn't love their ad-libs! Especially along with the vocal stylings of Beyoncé, and Donald Glover, who's FX show, ATLANTA they appeared in. 

4. A$AP Ferg


Mr. Plain Jane made a photo appearance in 2015's, DOPE, but could you imagine Ferg as the charismatic best friend? Or the recently graduated HBCU student that's looking for work in NYC?

5. GoldLink


Gold Link has been killing the music game this year after his hit single "Crew" has been taking over the radio. To see him in a film as an older brother who's trying to prevent his younger sibling from going down the same road as him? We think yes.

6. Gucci Mane


Gucci has been winning at life since his 2016 release. Somebody honestly just needs to put him in a southern comedy. 

7. Cardi B.


There are so many people who have won 2017, but nobody has done it like Cardi B. Earlier this year, she made an appearance in BET's Being Mary Jane, but she differently has the charisma of Dina, from Girl's Trip that would solidify her as a comedic actress. 

8. Tyler, the Creator


Fashion, jewelry, music - is there anything this man doesn't do? Besides his animated show, The Jellies which air at 12:15EST on Adult Swim every Sunday, wouldn't we love to see Tyler in something live action?

9. King Combs


Not only does he have the musical genius of his father, but his has the rest of his talents too. Remember when Diddy said, "Do you know how many pair of Jordans 6 Black kids wear?" Will, here's one of those kids. 

10. Tee Grizzley


Ain't it a blessing? I made it to the Oscars after all that stressing? Ackh.

original post - 11.12.17

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