1 More Episode: Insecure

Bringing co-workers to dinner. Still screwing our married childhood best friend. And taking the bus? Insecure's 7th episode, "Hella Disrespectfull" premiered last night, and let's just say, it sucks that there is only one more left.

Issa is finally coming to terms with the fact that vice principal Gaines is blocking the Latino kids from joining "We Got Y'all" after taking the bus (because she's broke and can't afford to fix her car) and encountering a Latino student studying for the PSAT. She is also really going through it, homegirl trashed her own apartment. Her rent is going up after both her and Lawrence awkwardly mentioned that there was a newly opened Pinkberry on the corner of their street.

Molly is still sleeping around with Dro, even though Candace is back in town, and for some odd reason Dro is keeping Molly's a secret in his "open relationship". After frequent visits to Chicago, Quentin seems to be shooting his shot at Molly, 👀👀. Them white folks still aren't seeing her potential in LA while the Black law firm in Chicago is ready to snatch her up. If we were her, we'd tell Molly, move to Chicago and get you your man and some more many sis.


Lawrence, is still a loser. It's hard to be a part of the #LawrenceHivewhen the head huncho is a crybaby fuck nigga. Aparna is a really nice woman, and he's going to hurt her trying to shit where he eats. Lawrence is going through a ho phase right along with Issa. He can't talk shit about her when he's doing the same thing.

Check out the wine down from this week's episode above.

Predictions for the next episode/season: Molly pregnant. Quentin is really going to make his move. Lawrence and Issa are going to fuck again because Lawrence is still hurting.

Also, is anybody getting any woot woots on their phone?

original post - 9.4.17

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